3 Tips To Save On Air Conditioning Running Costs | Air Conditioning Explained

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3 Tips To Save On Air Conditioning Running Costs | Air Conditioning Explained

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Air conditioners can be costly to run, especially if incorrectly or poorly used and maintained. Below is 3 easy tips to save a heap of money in running costs. Whether you have a central air conditioning installers or a ductless unit, as long as you have a reverse cycle (heating & cooling) system, these tips will save you money.

1. Run Your Air Conditioning Unit On Fan Only

Air conditioners cost the most to run when the outdoor compressor is running. On mild days, you should try just running the fan instead of setting the unit to cooling mode. The fan only setting will run similar to ceiling fans, and can easily help you to keep cool on mild days. This tip alone will save heaps of your energy bill, and also will help do your bit to lower energy costs which is good for the environment.

2. Open Your Home Up In Afternoons To Lower Your Homes Temperature

If you get home in the afternoon after a long hot day, you will regularly find that the indoor temperature is far higher than the outdoor temperature. By opening up your home to the cooler air and the breeze, you can easily reduce your homes temperature quickly and for free. If you then choose to run your air conditioner, it will be starting from a far milder temperature and therefore will not have to work as hard to cool your home. This means you save in running costs!

3. Keep The Unit Running By Regularly Cleaning The Filter

All the air that passes in and out of an commercial air conditioning Melbourne system has to pass through the filter first. A dirty or blocked filter will reduce airflow making the unit have to work harder. This strain on the unit will both increase running costs and result in your unit being pushed harder than it needs to which may result in it breaking down. By cleaning the filter, not only will you drastically lower running costs, but you will also extend the life of your air conditioning system. It is such a simple thing to do, but if you clean the filter at least once per month (or as needed) you will see drastic results.

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