A Summer Slush

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A Summer Slush

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party-machineIt does not have to be hot nor do you have to wait for summer to enjoy a delicious cold slush. If you are a slushy devotee, you have the option of owning your own slushy maker. When you own a slushy machine the world is your oyster with so many new creative flavor combinations to tempt your taste buds. Slushie machine hire are both fun and functional.

The machines come in a wide range of liquid capacities starting with 1.5 gallons and going up to several gallons. They also come with either a single or multi-numbered dispensers. There are even some machines designed exclusively for outdoor use without the need for electricity. These makers are easily used on patios, at a picnic, in the park or at a sports game. Having a refreshing slushy after a game of soccer or tennis is a perfect way to relax and refresh. An outdoor slushy maker is always a hit at any children’s party or whenever some friends come over.

Slush Machine

Slushy machines come with either plastic or glass liquid containers and they have continuous rotation action to keep the liquid in constant slush texture thickness. Depending on how many dispensers and the amount of capacity desired, slushy machines can be an inexpensive purchase for less than one hundred dollars or as expensive as several thousand dollars. For home use, a smaller blender sized machine is perfect.

Using a slushy machine is very easy and no one needs to stand by the maker like with a blender, the machine works on its own. Some makers have their own brand of either frozen mix or syrup concentrate to be used with their machines. There are also general flavor mixes sold at grocery stores for use with every slushy machine. There are even mixes available with some fabulous coffee flavors for a super latte frappe.

Slush Makers

 Each slushy machine comes with operating instructions. Depending on the design and grade of the machine, operation can be as simple as mixing the ingredients, placing it in the machine, turning it on and waiting for the liquid to get to the desired thickness. With a few upgraded models, all of the above applies plus more options to select the desired texture of the finished drink. The mixture is dispensed from a tap at the front of the machine. Being creative with different fruit combinations, vegetable juices and alcohol flavors is as convenient as using pre-packaged frozen mixes, using hundreds of recipes available on the internet or making your own new recipe. The combinations are endless.

Slushy makers are so convenient, economical and time saving that they are becoming a regular household item on a par with having a coffee machine, toaster or mixer. They are machines that totally pay for themselves within a few uses. But once you have developed your own favorite drink mix there will not be any need to purchase slush at any retail store. With one purchase you will have a lifetime of beverage enjoyment, both for pleasure and nutritional value, that you will always thank yourself for getting.

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