About us

About the Company
At Farr & Associates, we are excited about the potential benefits our clients can gain from taking advantage of the Internet. Despite the recent downturn in the economy, and the dot.com bubble, we feel there are still huge opportunities for almost every type of company to benefit from Internet technologies.
Just as the Internet can benefit all types of companies from around the world, we don’t limit ourselves to working with clients based on company size, budget or location.

What sets us apart? In all we do as a company and as individuals, we treat our clients and co-workers as we ourselves would want to be treated. This requires us to provide a high level of service and care for our customers. We also believe we have an advantage in the market place due to the following 3 traits:

– Exceptional Talent – we hire the best we can find, require them to have experience, and help them keep their skills current with training.

– Refined Process – we follow a development process that assures that all of the clients’ requirements are met in a timely manner. We keep in regular communication with our clients so they are informed of any changes in the time line or of any obstacles that arise.

– Affordable Rates – because of our location, our access to talent and our low turnover, we can offer very competitive rates.


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