Archive storage – Alternative tool for data storage

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Archive storage – Alternative tool for data storage

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Archive is a collection of files copied onto a storage medium for back up. The storage medium can be a disk drive on the computer, external hard disk, pen drives, CD’s etc.

archive storage is storing data or document for long term future use for record purpose. It is the same as document storage. Online document storage also provide archive storage for back up. Archive storage has many advantages. Any data or information relating to any issue can be retrieved from a list of archives. An archive can consist of a list of files organized under a directory or sub directory. The retrieval time taken is quick and easy. Any data can be accessed from any remote location with help of internet connection. Archives can be stored in a personal computer or stored online. There are many websites for archival storage. All one has to do is login to the particular website, upload the list of document/data to be stored. The data can be retrieved at a later date or whenever needed by means of a password.

Archive storage reduces clutter in the office space. Separate storage facilities can be made use of for storing documents and files in an organized way which is weather resistant and fire/water proof. One can rest assured that the documents stored are secure and safe. Storing documents in a CD or DVD is easy to handle, transport and cost wise cheaper compared to hard disk.

Electronic document storage of archives helps in fast retrieval of data, saves cost in office storage space, better disaster recovery plan by means of secure and protected data. Paperless records mean better back up and reduced cost in buying paper, printing ink and inkjet cartridges. Safety and confidentiality of documents is maintained. People can be restricted to access certain files. Access can be controlled by incorporating passwords and it can be made available to a certain group of people. Efficiency and productivity in the office can be increased by organizing files and folders.

Archive storage is flexible, meaning anybody can access the data any time and from any place. All business have files and documents for record purpose. Storing them in a neat organized manner, such as archive storage ensures space, security of data and climate proof storage.

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