Businesses Use St. Pete Self Storage Units to Store Valuable Equipment Or Extra Merchandise Until Needed

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Businesses Use St. Pete Self Storage Units to Store Valuable Equipment Or Extra Merchandise Until Needed

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Many restaurants and other businesses are feeling the pinch from this downward economy and are having to cut back hours of their staff or lay people off on a temporary or even permanent basis in order to save money on payroll. In addition some companies, especially small businesses, find themselves closing early several days a week to save money not only on payroll expenses but money on utility bills and other overall costs associated with running a small business.

A St. Petersburg storage company has seen an increase in their business because businesses like restaurants and specialty boutiques are renting storage units to place some of the items they are not using on a daily basis in the storage units to have them up and out of the way or to make room for extra inventory in the hopes of making more money.

Businesses such as a specialty boutique that count on various holidays to make their big money and carry them over through the slow days or months, often rent a St. Pete self storage units to keep their extra inventory out of their store and out of their way but mostly safe. Self storage units are often equipped with security systems such as motion detection lighting, anti-theft devices and closed circuit video surveillance along with on-site security mobile patrols Perth. Businesses and other customers appreciate this type of protection for their valuables and other belongings so they feel safe in leaving them at a particular storage facility.

Businesses such as florists, bakeries and candy shops in which their biggest and busiest times of year only come around a few times a year; for a florist their busiest two days of the year our Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day; for candy shop their busiest days are also Valentine’s Day, Halloween and perhaps Easter. However, for a florist, their busiest times of the year fluctuate so they may not need as big of a storage unit as the other businesses. Storage units St. Pete could accommodate any size storage unit needed by businesses or individuals for short time periods or a long term commitment.

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