Car Wrecks To Riches To AU Version

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Car Wrecks To Riches To AU Version

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We had got used to the American version where they take old cars and get them back to almost hot rod standard at serious money and then sold at auction.But the AU version is completely different it relies on the fact that there are 450,000 cars written if by insurance companies each year that then find themselves in salvage auctions or with Adelaide wreckers or any city, either to be sold as car parts, crushed or as a car that can be repaired..

The point of the programme hosted by Vicki Butler Henderson and Dominic Littlewood is to prove you can take a salvage car, do it up and save thousand off the forecourt prices. In this example it is a Vauxhall VX220 that they will attempt to repair for the guest. To be truthful this is probably not the best example of repairing a salvage car. They paid too much for its first place and then paid top dollar for the add on’s.

The results was only a small saving off the forecourt price and to honest he could have gone to the car wreckers and bought the same car without any salvage D letter against the car at auction for trade price for the same as this repaired version.

 In fact this was a lesson in what not to do, not that they made mistakes they just didn’t spend long enough looking for the right car and considering how much bodywork they did, they might as well have bout a car that was in a worse condition and saved a few grand in the process.

The guest did not buy the car, so off it went to be sold elsewhere.

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