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A Woman’s Checklist

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beautyWomen are complex creatures. Hold on gentlemen! Before you start nodding your heads and grunting in agreement, please let me explain! I say this in a rather good way. I am fascinated with the female mind and I feel that I have much to learn from younger and older women alike, especially when it comes to beauty.

Guys, if you are baffled at how girls take so much time in the shower, or how long it takes for them to get dressed for a night out, then the answer is really simple: Girls want to look good! We want to look our best, not only for the men we are with but most especially for ourselves. Looking good boosts self-esteem and can make you feel that you can take on anything in a given day. And admit it guys, you like it when girls put in effort in to making themselves attractive for your eyes!

I admire women who take extra care of themselves but are not extremely vain. When taking care of one’s physical appearance is done in moderation, it gives a sense that one pays attention to detail, but is not self-centered. If I could just have an interview with Monica Bellucci or Meryl Streep or Michelle Pfeiffer, I would ask them how they managed to remain picture perfect and so beautiful that they, to me, are the epitomes of aging with grace.

“No object is so beautiful, that under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.” – Oscar Wilde

That Mr. Wilde may be brutally frank but let’s face it to some extent he is correct. While I believe the most important form of beauty is the one that is on the inside, physical beauty is should not be neglected. After all, we should take care of the beauty we have been blessed with. With every woman’s beauty ritual there is also a corresponding beauty list. The discerning lady knows this: she has a beauty products list or a supply list that she swears by. She replenishes the products on her list to maintain her routine, be it hygienic or cosmetic products.

In my favorite local magazine there is a section where they feature women and ask them details about their beauty routine. There is always a part where they give the list of beauty brands that they pledge loyalty to. The beauty list includes their standard facial care brand, the make-up they use, the nail polish brands they prefer, their reliable hair products, their best dentist in Melbourne and dermatologist of choice and their go-to salon and hairstylist. I always have fun reading this feature because it gives me ideas of the places I want to try and the products I want buy. It is something that girls and women of all ages bond over – well kept beauty secrets exposed. When it comes to beauty, I feel that there is a universal sorority that all women belong to and everyone is just willing to share their personal beauty list with everyone.

Inside the Make-up Kit and On the Vanity Table

Peek inside a girl’s makeup case or take a look at a woman’s vanity table and you will find her weaponry of tools and products that make up her beauty supply list. Some beauty lists are as short and some are long. ShopWiki has a guide on the must-haves that are commonly found inside a makeup bag, but first they give us some simple tips to remember. First, you need something that makes your skin look great. Everything else follows when you have great skin. Sometimes all you need is a tinted moisturizer or a concealer. Second, you should have something to add a touch of color. I prefer bringing a lip and cheek stain because you have a product in a small tube that can serve dual purposes! Pretty practical! But you may want to highlight other areas on your face and that is fine. A blush and lip gloss is sometimes enough. Last but definitely not the least, put on a smile! Nothing else exudes confident beauty than a genuine smile. It’s better (and more long lasting!) than any makeup you put on.

With that said, here are some of ShopWiki’s recommended essentials for your beauty products list. For the face, keep a concealer, blush and foundation. The concealer and foundation will even out your skin tone, while the blush gives color and makes you look livelier. For the eyes, black or brown eyeliners and mascaras are every woman’s friend. These two products will instantly change your look from tired to alive! Of course, a good eyeshadow palette can help you create different looks and adds versatility to your makeup application. For the lips, do not forget to bring a lip balm because you want to have smooth lips above all. Lipstick or lip gloss never looks good on chapped lips! Finally, there are certain tools that you must add to you beauty supply list and personally agreed with Shop Wiki with regard to the importance of these tools. You need an eyelash curler to make those peepers look alert and awake, and powder puffs (or sponge) to evenly distribute products like blush, bronzers and face powder s. You also need a sharpener for your eyeliners so that they will create finer lines. A sharpener will also clean the eyeliner off the bacteria that it had gathered from previous use.

The list of beauty brands differ vastly from woman to woman. Some ladies swear by high-end cosmetic brands like Dior, Chanel, YSL and Guerlain, while some can stick to drugstore brands like Maybelline, Cover Girl and Revlon. Some women prefer organic products and those in environment friendly packages, while some are actually after the nice packaging that prompts them to buy the makeup in the first place.

Beauty in the School Setting

Little girls have the habit of sneaking into their mother’s rooms and trying on her makeup when she is away. For some, they felt that the makeup has called them and they decide to pursue the art of beautifying one’s self professionally. That is what beauty schools and mobile beauty services are for. Lists of beauty schools are available on the Internet and in fashion magazines .

If you are someone who wants to study beauty there are lists of beauty schools on several websites that you can check out. There is Beauty Schools Directory where you can find over 1,000 listed schools in the United States that cater to different fields of training such as Cosmetology, Esthetics, brisbane makeup artist Training and Hair Design.

There is also Find a Beauty School website that contains a list of beauty schools to help you launch a career in beauty. Who knows you might be the next top hairdressers Brisbane and makeup Stylist to the stars!

Yes, women are somewhat complex but it is that meticulous nature that is responsible for their beauty. But while people like looking at a made-up face, remember that beauty should not only be skin deep. It is important to maintain your beauty list, but I think it is more important for our inner beauty to show. This way, even without makeup, we are confident of our presence in this world.

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