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Driving Legislation

Category : Driving

There have been numerous changes in Driving Legislation over the last several years and a number of issues are awaiting implementation. Here are some of the changes that have seen the light of day and are in force.

  1. Driving Licenses. Both full and provisional, must be carried by the Driver at all times.
  1. Driver Theory Test was introduced in 2001. A theory Test has to be passed before you can get a Provisional License and before you may start to learn to Drive with any driving school in Fawkner.
  1. First Provisional License is valid for Two Years.
  1. All Drivers on first (1st) and third (3rd) Provisional Licenses are required by Law to be accompanied by a fully Licensed Driver.
  1. In order to renew a Provisional License at the end of your second provisional License, (if you have gone that long without sitting the Test) you must have taken your Driving Test, or have an appointment scheduled for one.
  1. Driving Test changes which are governed by E.U Directives include:
  • Examining of secondary controls (2002)
  • Examining of Technical Checks (Feb 2005)
  • New Driving Test Marking Sheet (2002)
  1. Penalty Points Offences to be added on 01/04/06 and will contain 31 new offences.   This will bring the implementation to approximately 55% of the expected final Total of offences.
  1. National Car Test (NCT) (2003). All cars of three years and over must now undergo a rigorous Check Test and pass scrutiny every two years. A Current NCT certificate must be displayed on the front Windscreen along with Road Tax and Insurance Certificates. Drivers preparing for their Driving Test must ensure that all three certificates are current and valid. Any discrepancies or excuses will not be allowed and a Driving Test will be forfeited if the paper work is not in order!
  1. After passing the Department of Transport Driving Test the Provisional License must be exchanged for a Full Irish License or the Driver will not be legally allowed on a Motorway. A provisional license and your Test Pass certificate will not suffice!
  1. Following the initial Introduction of the Penalty Points system in Autumn 2002 the main aspect that is of importance to Drivers is that once you have clocked up 12 Penalty Points within a three Year period your Driving License will automatically be revoked for six months!

Legislation in the Pipeline includes :-

  1. Mandatory tuition for Learner Drivers (in line with European Standards)
  1. A new Agency that will administer the Whole Driving Test Scene and also control the Registration and Accreditation of driving school Birmingham and driving instructors.
  1. New laws that will be applied to Immigrants who import their vehicles from other E.U. States. It is anticipated that a short period of grace will be allowed before the vehicle owner will have to re-register his or her vehicle and who will then be subject to the full laws regarding ownership and driving of motor vehicles here in Ireland . In other words, Road Tax Certificates; Insurance Certificates; and National Car Test Certificates will all need to be displayed. Failure to comply will mean the impounding of the vehicle.

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State To End Checks On Driving Teachers

Category : Driving

POLICE checks on driving instructors will be abolished under a State Government revamp of licence testing that from next week will allow anyone with a driver’s licence to go into business teaching learner drivers.

Ms Eunice Walters, the president of the Victorian Motor Schools Association, which represents much of the driving school industry, said last week that it was not ready for the changes that had been “dumped” on it.

Ms Walters, whose organisation has been consulting with the State Government and the RACV, said driving school Blacktown would be given the power to issue licences within 12 months.

`The Sunday Age’ has obtained a VicRoads memo dated 26 November, issued by Mr Geoff Shanks, the manager of licensing and registration policy, which says driving instructor licensing will be officially abolished on 19 December.

Under present regulations, best driving instructors in Craigieburn normally undergo a rigorous $1000 to $1500 training course under the auspices of the VMSA and a three-stage test that examines their driving skills and road knowledge, their teaching ability and their good character including police records.

Ms Walters said the industry was shocked at the changes and had major safety concerns on the road and also in the instruction vehicles if teachers with criminal and drink driving records were able to enter the business.

A spokesman for VicRoads confirmed that the deregulation was going ahead and said that while there was no immediate plans to change the system for testing car drivers, it was under review.

“Accreditation of organisations to deliver registration and licensing services to specified standards offers great potential to provide better customer service and reduce the cost of delivering these services while ensuring that standards, safety and security are maintained,” said the spokesman.

The VicRoads memo says in part: “It would be expected that Registration and Licensing office staff would assist in treating this issue in as positive a way as possible explaining to the members of the driver training industry that the move has come about as a result of the Government’s desire to remove what is seen as unnecessary regulation …

“It in turn provides a real opportunity for the industry to organise itself in a way which ensures that training standards are maintained if not significantly improved.”

Some motorcycle licences are already issued by private instruction schools and expressions of interest are being considered for issuing heavy vehicle licences.

The VMSA has prepared for the changes by instituting a code of conduct, a review of its constitution and accreditation proposals for the relevant minister, Mr Baxter.

Ms Walters said many of her members _ the VMSA represents 400 of the 1200 active driving instructors in the state _ and nearly all of the non-members were disgruntled by the changes, which they believe would lead to widespread price-cutting and lower safety standards.

Victoria’s assistant police commissioner for traffic, Mr Frank Green, when contacted by `The Sunday Age’ yesterday, said he had not been notified of the changes but said that the present system was already “fragmented”.

“It is pretty much open slather at the moment anyway,” said Mr Green. “Where is the integrity of the present training system in terms of standards? These changes can’t make it much worse.”

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How To Choose The Right Driving School

Category : Driving

Learning how to drive can be both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.  But before you can get in a car and start learning the skills that will stay with you for a lifetime, you first need to find the right driving school to give you those skills.

With so many to choose from nowadays, you would be forgiven for thinking it’s a case of sticking a pin in a telephone directory and hoping for the best.  But in truth there are a number of things you can do to make sure you find a driving school coventry – and an instructor – that sets a good price and offers an excellent service that will help you pass your driving test first time.

The first thing you should do is to ask your friends and family if they know any good driving schools locally that they or someone they know have used.  A word of mouth recommendation is always a good way to find the right driving school, as you can get an idea of what the instructors are like before signing up for lessons.

You should of course make sure all the instructors are fully trained and qualified, as this indicates that not only do they understand and implement the skills needed to be a good driver, they will also know how to pass these on to their learner drivers.  Don’t be afraid to ask if this is the case; all good and reputable schools should be more than happy to put your mind at rest.

You also need to consider how you want to learn.  If you want to take the route that most people take – having lessons every week over a longer period of time – then most Adelaide driving school will provide this level of learning.  However if time is short and you want or need to learn more quickly, you will need to find a school which offers intensive driving courses to take part in.  These are often one week in duration – but again, try and get a recommendation from someone else before choosing this option.

Another way to find your local schools is to search online.  Many good driving schools now have a web presence, and you can usually email with any questions you may have before deciding which school to choose.  Checking out their website also allows you to find out how much they charge for lessons and whether they have any special offers, such as a block of ten lessons at a reduced price, which can help you to save money on the cost of learning.

Perhaps the most important aspect is to make sure you get along with the instructor you are going to be learning with.  If possible try and meet them before you pay for any lessons.  You need to be comfortable with them and happy that they are teaching you in the best way possible.

If you take all these factors into consideration, you’ll soon be out on the road and learning a skill that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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Driving Without Due Care and Attention Is Fatal for You and Others

Category : Driving

It is well known fact that one should not be driving without due care and attention on road or at any other public place because careless driving can be very dangerous for the driver and for others around. You should be more careful and sober when you are driving. Almost everyone is well-known with the lawful and monetary consequences for getting wedged during drinking and driving. In this case most probably there will be suspension of driver’s license, strict penalties with fines, may be jail for some time or probation. But when an accident is happened during drinking and driving, at that time penalties can be more painful for causing serious injuries or property injure. Though, knowingly all the risks and warnings, some of us repeatedly drink and drive at an alarming rate, and made it highest causes of death rate around the globe. Driving school Bunbury anywhere else advise you to be honest in such a situation.

Driving without due care and attention can cause serious body injury to us and other person around. Another offence related to this is refusing breath test when an officer catches you while you drink and driving or do drunk driving. If everyone will start following the rules then every single death and injury caused by drunk driving can be avoided. Even though the percentage of accidents related to alcohol has decreased dramatically in current years, there are still many preventable accidents happening around still. Apart from this, alcohol-impaired driving remains a serious national problem that tragically affects many victims annually for resolve this problem need to join driving school campbelltown.

The worst and one of the most apparent consequences of Driving without due care and attention is an accident which can prove to be fatal. The person who is drunk while driving has nervous system suppresses which reduces his reaction time largely and he is totally unable to control his vehicle, leading to a fatal car crash.

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