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Developing an interesting Lifestyle

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psychology-sessionWhat is an interesting lifestyle and how do you define it?

I spent a few hours wondering this question myself and I came up with a sentence that I felt covered it well.

Doing what you want to do“

Simple isn’t it? But it’s exactly how it is. An interesting life has been created by an interesting character. So in order to develop an interesting lifestyle one must first become interesting. Does it mean you have to become mysterious and all?

Nope. It just means that you should have an interest in life and what it offers. If you are interested in learning about the late Mayans then go to South America and learn first hand. If you want to experience the waves in Hawaii then go visit the place and ride the waves.  It beats the hell out of just reading a book about it. This is also what I strive for with this blog. Motivating you into taking action that will enrich your life.

Travel and experience life’s wonders

There is no definite step-by-step process for you to develop an interesting lifestyle. You just have to find out what you are interested in and go after it.  One way to get inspiration is to try and look at people who already have a lifestyle that you want and learn how they achieved it. This is why I recommend reading auto-biographies of prominent people.

One such person is the famous rapper Jay-Z, he wrote a very good book called Decoded.

The book is about his view on life and the many lessons he learned from it. If not it will at least inspire you to go get what you want out of life. You don’t have to agree with everything an author have to say. But acknowledge that this is how they view life and you should do something about your life too.

Another such person is Charles Bukowski where he writes about his exploits with women in the book Women: A Novel.

He might not have lived a very healthy lifestyle and many might feel he was more of a wreck than a lifestyle model to look up to. But nevertheless his lifestyle was interesting and defiantly more interesting than 90% of the people who populate this planet. Plus he was a writer, that just makes him automatically interesting.

A man that I admire is Chris Guillebeau. He own his own blog called The Art of Non-conformity where it’s all about living an unconventional life. I really recommend checking his stuff out. I personally enjoy reading his blog and have learned a lot from him.

What all this proves is that an interesting lifestyle can not be categorized into a specific profession. It’s interesting if you find it so. To sum it up. An interesting lifestyle is a life lived with passion. The mentioned 3 men live a life with passion. They do what they want and they make a living off it.

Find a passion! Like surfing

To give you another example. My life goes like this at the very moment:

I work from home. I wake up latest 10am. I brew a cup of coffee and make an omelet. I then proceed to check my blog and other websites. Update them and add new content. I reply emails and interact with people.  I hit the gym while carefully logging in my workouts. I connect with my friends and help them out. I then proceed to buy groceries. I go home and eat. I check my websites again and maybe watch some cool TV shows. I update my site and write some content and finally I sleep. This is how a normal day in the shoes of Allan goes.

But near weekends I go out and meet people. I create adventures in the night. Girls, drinks, friends and strangers. Then when I feel like it, I travel. I take pictures and videos, I write in my personal diary when something noteworthy happens. I think of new business ideas and implement them. I enjoy life. I have a lot freedom and money isn’t an issue. I’m also planning to take up my studies again and get my degree. I also want to travel around the world before I hit 30.

This is my life. I love it. It’s interesting to me. Because it’s mine.

“Life becomes interesting when you take an interest in life.”

People who aren’t living an interesting life are usually lazy people. It really doesn’t take much to start developing something interesting about it. You just need to take action and go for it.

So I want to give you these 7 principles that you can start implementing and begin developing the lifestyle you want:

  1. Get out into the world more. You can’t really have a very active or interesting life if you stay inside watching TV all day.

  2. Try new things. Whether it be playing a new game at the arcade, or volunteering for an organization, something new will open your eyes and show you new vistas in life.

  3. Meet new people and pay attention to what is important to them. Learning about others is sure to open up new opportunities that will make your life more engaging.

  4. Get a friend that has an interesting life. They can supply the ideas and you can join in the fun.

  5. Give some thought to what makes you most excited about life. Target your energies to learning more about whatever that might be. Dig right in and decide to develop some skill around your passion. The more deeply you dive into something, the more knowledgeable and interesting you will be.

  6. Travel! Consider a Caribbean cruise, a backpacking trip throughout Europe or a climb of Kilimanjaro. But if these seem just a bit out of reach at the moment, an afternoon jaunt to the Museum, or your local zoo can be inspiring too!

  7. Change your perspective on life. Perhaps you already have an interesting life compared to others, but you just don’t know it. Step back and appreciate what you have.

Apply these little principles and you will see huge changes in the coming months if you follow them. You can even see changes within a week if you’re really serious about it.

But it takes a lot of work maintaining such a lifestyle. People with interesting lifestyles are busy people. So be prepared to spend huge amounts of time on developing your lifestyle. However you are still in control of how much time you spend on it. But I would say that once you’re find something you’re passionate about, then it becomes more of a personal holiday than actual work. Developing an interesting lifestyle is enjoyable. It shouldn’t be hassle. You want to do this.

I will be writing more articles tailored to each specific area sometime soon. Some of these articles could be about how to travel on the cheap and how to find a passion and make it work with your busy schedule. But until then I hope you start developing the lifestyle or go for a makeover Perth you want and stop sitting around doing nothing about it.

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