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Klein Climbing Spikes And Supplies

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If you are an avid tree climber, you have probably heard about Klein climbing spikes. Klein, Buckingham, and a number of other manufacturers have a great supply inventory for climbing equipment. Anything on your supply list, you ought to be able to find it at either place – or you can even find your supplies used. Harnesses, belts, boot spikes, your saddle – nothing will be too difficult to find. The key here is knowing exactly what kind of supplies you need and what each particular piece will be used for while you are climbing.

People climb trees for many reasons. School children do it for fun. People of all ages do it for recreation. Some folks do it because their jobs require it. Typically, jobs with the telephone company and the power company are the most common, because you have to climb the respective poles. Climbing poles is of course different from climbing trees, like you might do when you are school aged or a nature enthusiast. However, the kinds of tools you need are all the same, although they may be constructed differently.

Boot and shoe spikes are absolutely essential. Your spikes are what give you the brace and leverage you need to keep your traction on a tree. For poles, you will need longer spikes. They are highly recommended for people who are new to the tree climbing world as well. Trees with thick bark will require short spikes – but only if you are experienced at climbing. Otherwise, the longer spikes are going to be better for you.

Your belts and harnesses are needed to give you added leverage. The primary goal here is to make sure these fit you just right. Something too loose is going to be flat out dangerous. Something too tight is going to hinder your ability to climb safely. That is why it is important to make sure you get the right fit. Employees at Klein, Buckingham,or any other manufacturer you choose should be able to help you. If you choose to purchase used supplies, you should be well aware of how to fit yourself first. The same has to be said for your saddle. It cannot be said that the fit is not as important here – it does need to be appropriate for your body. However, it is easier to fit for saddles than it may be for other pieces of equipment.

All of that being said, you are now ready to purchase Klein climbing spikes – or any other type of spikes for that matter. It does not matter where you are buying your equipment, what matters is knowing what you need. Safety needs to be your first concern in all things. Your equipment has got to fit right, from your safety boots UK and shoes to your saddles to the harness you choose. Your rope needs to be strong and durable, you have to have durable bracing. Climbing trees is no joke. It may be fun – even if it is your job – but above all else, it has to be safe.

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