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The Official ITTF Rubbers of Ping Pong Rackets

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The rubber of the ping pong rackets has been subjected to a great number of tests during official competitions over the years, which resulted in banning quite of few types. Since 1986, the ITTF will only accept rubbers that are colored in either black or red for paddles used in official competitions. This resolution was reached mostly because other colors seemed to make the effects of different strikes of the ball rather hard to see, especially when players used rubbers that had the same color as the ping pong ball. Moreover, if you want to be sure that the rubber you are using for your ping pong rackets is legit, you need to check that the ITTF logo is inscribed on it.

As far as the physical properties of the rubber are concerned, there are three types that are approved by the ITTF: the ones with thick sponge, the rubbers with pimples outwards and the rubbers with pimples inwards, each of them designed for a different play style, with its own advantages and faults. For example, if you tend to base your game mostly around offense, the best choice would be using ping pong rackets with thick sponge rubber, in order to apply more force to your strikes.

The rubbers using outwards pointing pimples come in two types, the ones with long pimples and the ones with small pimples. However, the rules of ITTF clearly state that the density of the pimples should be between ten and thirty per square centimeter, so keep this in mind when you are choosing your ping pong rackets. At the same time, the rubber should not be thicker than two millimeters. According to your game style, you should use a rubber with long outward pimples if you are the kind of player that is good at blocking and counter attacking and rubber with smaller pimples if you game revolves mostly around defense.

If you are aiming to buy ping pong table alongwith rackets with rubber that will allow you a wide variety of strikes, your best bet would be the ones with inwards pimples. The rules that apply to this type of rubber are the same as the ones for outward pointing pimples.

One thing that the ITTF is taking very seriously when it comes to the ping pong rackets is whether the outer and inner surface of the rubber has been treated with chemicals or not. The way to verify this is by checking the friction level of the rubber. If it does not meet the minimal requirement, the rubber will be banned from the competition. This decision will mostly affect players that prefer to use longer pimples on the rubber of their ping pong rackets as well, but the proposition for this rule came from the players themselves.

Modifications that have occurred to the color or the surface of the rubber because of extended use will be approved, unless they will cause major changes in the trajectory of the ball.

If you want to be sure that you will purchase ping pong rackets that are approved by the ITTF and that you will be able to use in official tournaments, it is a good idea that you check the list of approved brands constantly.

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So you are playing John Kuczynski in the tournament next week, which darts do you choose, there are so many to choose from? Well first you have to decide which type of board are you playing on, bristle or electronic. If you are playing on a Bristle dart boards australia you need steel tip darts, now what type do you want?

The popular type of steel tip and indeed soft tip darts these days are tungsten darts. Because of the higher density of tungsten, you can have slimmer darts, which are the same weight as the bigger brass darts. This means you can squeeze them all into that treble 20 segment on the dart board. Well that’s if you are a very good player.

The barrel of the dart is tungsten; now you have to decide what type of “grip” do you want. The barrels can be smooth with grooves in or knurled for extra grip, and now you can even have what they call an edge grip. Some people find the more aggresive grips like the knurled grip too aggresive as it sticks to the fingers when throwing, so choose wisely and try out some darts first.

The barrel can also be a fluted design to fit your fingers or simply straight. OK got all that? Now we come to the shafts and flights. They have to be as light as possible and the flights give a slight drag to the dart as it flies through the air to keep it straight and true. Usually you want the shaft and flights to be as light as possible to keep the weight forward. The shafts are usually made of plastic or possibly aluminium and the flights are plastic with colourful designs on them to make them look good or signify what team or country you’re from. And remember to replace the flights often, a damaged flight will affect the flight of the dart.

The weight of the darts can be anything from 20 to 30 gms , with 20 gm considered a light dart and 30 a heavy dart. Most darts are in the middle at 24 gm or so.

As for the soft tip darts, they are generally a little bit lighter than there steel tip cousins, and they have a plastic or soft tip. This is so they can trigger the sensors in the electronic boards without damaging it. Never use a steel tip dart on an electronic board! (Although saying that, there are some new boards out that will accept either, but check first.) Also the tips are replaceable and you can unscrew them from the barrel and put on a new one. Most soft tip darts use 2BA thread types, but there are ¼ inch sets around as well, I would advise you stick to the 2BA type as that is far more common. And finally there are combination darts sets that can take either steel tips or soft tips, but don’t get them mixed up

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