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Pool Service AU Home Page: What We Can Do For You!

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Pool Service Western Australia is the best option when you’re determining which top quality Western Australia swimming pool service and maintenance company to work with. We now have been maintaining Tx swimming pools for years and know exactly what it should take to keep your swimming pool perfect.

Having a swimming pool may be one of the greatest reasons for living in Australia, specifically while living in Western Australia. A swimming pool provides you with countless hours of fun under the sun together with friends and family. Whether you are having a weekend bar-b-que with some close friends or you are having a house party for one of your young children, a pool is a superb place to hang out and help make memories.

Obviously the down-side of getting a swimming pool is that they take quite a lot of labor to maintain and service. When you’ve got a swimming pool you have the duty of making sure the water is safe and clean, ensuring that your pool motor and pump is operating, cleaning services west lothian, maintaining the cool decking plus much more. This is often a large amount of work to do, this can be a lot of accountability and this is where a Western Australia pool service comes in to the picture.

Our swimming pool service features professionally qualified techs that manage your swimming pool like it was their own. Our employees will maintain water clearness and correct ph levels, they’ll skim the surface to remove trash, leaves along with other debris. They’ll ensure that your pool motor and pump are properly working and functioning, they’ll clean your pool filters Perth and they will add salt and other pool products at the appropriate interval.

This leaves you with just one responsibility in regard to your swimming pool and that is to savoir it, to enjoy
just as much time as you want in your swimming pool to ensure your summers provide you with as much satisfaction as it can be.

Give swimming pool renovations Perth and service a phone call now and begin appreciating your swimming pool without having to bother with it.

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I Want a Swimming Pool

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One of the first things I discovered when I became a homeowner was that finding a quality contractor to do work can be a significant hurdle. When you are investing in a swimming pool, you don’t want to give the job to someone who is not even reliable enough to return phone calls. Right?

During my internet searches, I found my way to a company with a good reputation that will actually put prospective pool owners in touch with local contractors. The great part is THEY CALL YOU!

Seriously, this is a great idea. When we were getting a new driveway put in, I had to call FIVE different contractors just to get a return on my phone messages. When we had roof work done on our previous home, only three of seven contractors ever called back! Swimming Pool looks at the basic information you enter online, and then passes the information along to qualified pool installers who will contact you. How easy is THAT?

I definitely recommend calling around to all of the local swimming pool contractors in your area and getting as many estimates as you possibly can gather.  This is also an area where word of mouth advertising can be huge.  If you see someone with a swimming pool installed on their property that you like, think about asking who did the work for them and if they were happy with what they got for their money.  Chances are whether they were happy with the job or not, you will get some great information about at least one contractor in your area.  When people spend a considerable amount of money on something like a swimming pool, they can develop some strong emotions (either positive or negative) toward the company that did the work.

Also consider looking at who you know already.  Do you know people who do excavation work?  Just that might save you a considerable amount of money.  How about emergency plumber Southampton or electricians?  Both could save you some aggravation or might even be able to point you toward a good company they have worked with previously on a swimming pool installation.  It never hurts to ask, and it’s free information.


Aside from a memorable belly flop or two, some of my best entrances into the water have been cannonballs. I’m not much of a diver. I came across this story today that I thought was kind of fun.

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Above Ground Safety Swimming Pool Covers

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Are They Even Necessary????

You can purchase and install safety covers for inground pools, but I don’t even know if they make them for above ground pools.

First of all, the safety covers operate by being anchored at points that have been basically drilled into the concrete deck surrounding the in ground pool. Obviously, above ground pools don’t have this, and even if they were surrounded on all sides by wooden decking, it wouldn’t really be the same.

Also, safety covers basically start out costing around $1000 for the cover and installation. It would be a little ridiculous to spend that much money for a cover when the pool itself isn’t worth a whole lot more than that.

If you are worried about safety, you should look into either building a fairly secure aluminium pool fencing Auckland around the pool, and beyond that you could look into draining the pool for the winter. It’s not necessarily good for the liner, but it would seem kind of impossible to drown in a pool that has been drained of water.

I did a little research and found a safety cover for an above ground pool, but it will only fit a certain structure. If you’re interested, though, here is the on ground swimming pool safety covers.

Do You Really Need One????

There are solar pool covers that you can potentially use for an above ground pool, but above ground pools generally do not need them. If you want one, though, there’s good news! They’re pretty cheap and will probably work even better with an above ground pool than with an in-ground one.

The purpose of a solar cover is to trap the heat from the sunlight in the water during the day, and to keep it there over night. With careful use, it can help heat up the water temperature quicker than would otherwise happen.

Above ground pools though don’t have as much water as an in ground, and they tend to heat up quicker and stay warmer than in ground pools do (which can actually be unpleasant if the water starts staying too warm).

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