Cigarette Smoking – Harmful Effects On Human Body

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Cigarette Smoking – Harmful Effects On Human Body

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We all know the proverb ‘Cigarette smoking is injurious to health’. But the question builds up is how many of us actually follow this quote. Unfortunately, very few people are there who give respect to this hard truth. Cigarette smoking is the prime cause of heart related diseases and because of this the death rate are increasing continuously.

Cigarette smokers take this drug as a stress buster but they forget to learn that this is a friend for a short term only but in the long run it can be life threatening. In one way or the other way we all are smokers. World is full of active and passive smokers. There are some harmful effects of cigarette smoking on human body that must be given a look by those who are habitual in cigarette smoking.

Smokers cough

Those who smoke for a long time can have the smokers cough. Most smokers try to hide it during smoking. But they never think why they are getting so much of cough. The reason for getting smoke cough is the body which does not able to handle the toxin fumes you are inhaling and through cough the fumes are shelling out of the body. It is good for the body but smokers do not consider it.

Stained teeth

Forget to get your teeth clean from the dentist in Abu Dhabi if you are smoking for long. Until and unless you would not leave your smoking habit, your yellow stained teeth would not turn into pure white.

Yellow fingers

This is the same trouble as stained teeth. Do as much hand scrubbing you want to but would not get any benefit. All you have to do is to stop using the finger which you use for smoking.

Shortness of breath

Regular smokers feel the reduction in lung capacity and the breathe holding becomes quite difficult for them.

Circulation problems

Smoking clogs the arteries and slows down the blood circulation.

Grey complexion

Skin color can tell whether the person is a heavy cigarette smoker or not. Cigarette smokers look grey and pale. It means that they are depriving from the nutrients essential for the skin, body and mind.

The list for the harmful effects of cigarette does not stop here. People can come under the health problems like lung cancer, heart disease and many others. If you want to live longer without any health related problems, then start reducing your cigarette smoking figure now. Do it now or never.

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