Customizing WebEvent

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Customizing WebEvent

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Aesthetic Controls

Although certain display properties can be controlled via the Calendar Configuration and Site Configuration screens, for the most precise aesthetic control, you will need to customize WebEvent’s cascading style sheet (CSS).
Elements such as fonts, text size and alignment as well as background colors and link properties are controlled by the WebEvent style sheet. To customize the “look and feel” of your calendar installation, locate the file called ‘style.css’ in your WebEvent HTML documents directory (‘HtmlLocation’).

The style sheet can be modified with a text editor (such as emacs or vi on the UNIX platform, and WordPad or EditPlus on the Windows platform). Explanatory references appear throughout the style sheet to help you determine which styles control the particular elements you want to customize. (Each installation of WebEvent also includes a cascading style sheet called ‘style.css.original’. This file contains the default WebEvent aesthetic and display property settings should you ever need to restore those values.)

When your modifications are complete, save your work, and transfer the ‘style.css’ file back to your WebEvent HTML documents directory.

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