Design Tips and Information On Loft Conversions

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Design Tips and Information On Loft Conversions

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loftLoft conversions usually refer to either the conversion of commercial buildings into residential living space (lofts, or apartments), or the conversion of attic (and sometimes garage) space in a residential home to create extra living space of some type. Loft conversions for the home can be done by a contractor or can be do-it-yourself projects.

If you are planning on a loft conversion West London and need some design tips and information related to home (residential) loft conversions, you may wish to consider the following points.

* The first step will be to decide on what you plan to use the loft space for. Once you are clear about the purpose behind your loft conversion you can move on to exploring design options. You may require a guest bedroom for when people visit and stay over; alternatively you may only want to enhance the value of your property. There could be any number of reasons really but making a decision is what’s important. You cannot go forward without doing so.

* The next obvious step is to set a budget. This will depend on what you plan to do with the space. Let us assume you want a real luxury bedroom for yourself with all the bells and whistles, you are going to have to budget for it. If you plan to turn the loft into a simple guest room, you still need to budget. The trick in budgeting is to allow yourself some room for flexibility and then stay on track no matter what.

* This is your space and what you want to create out of it is entirely your choice. When you have decided on the room type you can start planning how to decorate it.

* Color scheme choices are very important. You can choose to add light and airiness to the space or make it dark and gloomy. Strive for minimalist and you will not be disappointed. Depending on personal taste you can pep up the walls by adding a two tone color scheme, one bold and one subdued. Choose colors that contrast boldly or colors that complement each other perfectly. Think about adding wall murals, wall paper, paintings – all of these bring life to walls and to the space itself.

If you plan to turn the loft into a playroom you can get fun wall murals done for the children to enjoy. Add lots of vibrant colors because that’s the symbol of youth and vitality. Plan on give the room plenty of light and ventilation and your children are sure to be happy bunnies.

If the space will be converted to a bedroom, you need to consider again lighting either natural or artificial, plenty of storage space and dimensions of furniture. You can go for broke and add mirrors and plants as well as a good painting or two.

Being clear in your mind about what you want and finding the best builders in Surrey are two very important factors in successful loft conversions. Consider the ideas in this article as a launching pad to get yourself started.

Finally it is also important to use a good quality insulation material to keep your loft warm. We recommend using spray foam insulation from Permaseal.

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