Do You Have “Laser Focus” For Your MLM Business

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Do You Have “Laser Focus” For Your MLM Business

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In a training seminar over a year ago, I heard a successful MLMer refer to having “laser focus.” At the time I wasn’t sure what she meant, but I believe I now understand.
In the classic book “Think And Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill teaches that success always comes with a price tag. You must be willing to sacrifice something to get what you desire. If your desire is not strong enough, you will not pay the price. Looking back on previous MLM opportunities I was involved in, I realize I never did sacrifice anything. Now that my desire, my “WHY”, is stronger, I am making those sacrifices!
I am not giving up essentials (eating,sleeping,exercise) because of course that would weaken me and make me unable to pursue anything. Nor am I giving up all leisure activities, because we all need some down time to keep our sanity! But I have begun to look at all of my activities with a more critical eye, asking if or how each one will bring me closer to my desire. I believe that paying the price by sacrificing some of the “fluff” in my life is what laser focus entails.
Instead of reading magazines, I now read self-improvement books (like “Think And Grow Rich”) and listen to audio trainings and training calls. I examine what I am doing in light of what I am learning, and consciously improve over time. I am willing to work in the evenings and on the weekends to get what I want. I realize that by investing the time now, I can earn what I desire and enjoy my life much more in the future. It just isn’t possible to get where I want to be without focusing my attention on my desire, excluding some other things.
I must also point out that, although everyone needs a mentor and a mastermind group (also discussed by Napoleon Hill) you must also do activities that are mainly comfortable to you. If your upline or mentor suggests things that feel too aggressive, dishonest, or just “fake” then find another way (maybe you need a new mentor!) If you are insincere, people will see right through you! That is where the free ebook “Success In 10 Steps” really helped me. I realized why certain things did not work for me, why my past failure was not my fault, and how to get moving on the right track. You can download this helpful book from on the left of this page.
The Law Of Attraction teaches us that what we focus on expands. So focus on your business and watch what happens!

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