Do You Want to be Successful in MLM

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Do You Want to be Successful in MLM

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One of the most important things you can do to ensure your success in MLM or any other business, is to find a great mentor.
In the videos Art Jonak provided at there are several good points about working with a mentor:
Be open to learning
Start with all material your desired mentor has already produced
Rearrange your schedule (don’t expect the mentor to do that)
Mentoring can (and will) occur if you build a relationship
I found it amusing and fabulous that Art openly admits he thought he “knew it all” when he got started. But, he went on with the second step anyway. He started reading books and listening to CDs even though he wasn’t very open. And that process eventually caused him to become open and realize that he didn’t know it all!
The second point only makes sense, and yet how many people would skip it to “save time?” If your desired mentor has written books, produced CDs, been interviewed on videos, written articles…absorb it ALL before you approach them! Find out everything you can about them, how they learned the business, their personal likes and dislikes. This way you are not starting from scratch. They won’t agree to work with you if you haven’t done your homework.
And the videos go on to point out that once you do start working with someone, you need to do what they tell you to do! If they tell you to read a book and then call back, you better have read that book before you call 🙂
The next point is that the people you want for a mentor are busy people. Whether they are busy working or busy playing (you’ll see in the videos that these people have lots of fun travelling!) you need to rearrange your schedule to fit theirs. Do NOT expect it to work in the reverse.
Finally, the point was made that someone might refuse to mentor you “formally” but if you build a relationship – show up at events and talk to them, comment on their material, whatever you can do – they will be teaching you something and they will begin to recognize you. If you can start building some volume and making things happen, even if you’re not doing everything right they will notice you and want to help you improve.

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