Does Monitium Have a Good Concept

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Does Monitium Have a Good Concept

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I’ve been approached several times about Monitium so I decided to investigate it.
At first glance, it sounds like an interesting concept. You recruit people into your geneology, which Monitium tracks for you (for a monthly fee, of course!) Then your team can join multiple MLM opportunities that are approved by Monitium and create multiple income streams so that if any company goes under, you still have income from the others. And they plan to add more companies over time for everyone to join.
So what’s the problem? Where do I begin!?
No retail sales – all income is based on recruiting
Asking people to join multiple companies at the same time, all with starter kits
How do companies get approved
Letting someone else do your thinking for you
A big red flag to the FTC is when you have no retail sales, and everyone who buys products or services becomes a distributor. This is exactly what Monitium is creating in every company they approve! It says right on their website that you will never directly represent any MLM company and will not have to worry about their products.
The model encourages everyone to join multiple companies (after the launch, of course.) They say on their website that this won’t be a problem because of the fast start bonuses you will earn that will cover your outlay. They go on to say, “2 who get 2 who get 2″ should happen in just a few days! COME ON! Do you really believe that? They are trying to say that people will join Monitium much easier/faster than they would join an MLM company because it’s a great new concept for you to “own” your geneology. Really? It didn’t work on me!!
NEWS FLASH: The people who can get 2 new team members in just a few days, and help their people do the same, DO NOT NEED a company like Monitium on the front end! They can build in any company, and recruit their people into other programs, without any help. And the people who don’t know how to do that will just lose even more money with a middle man!
The information is cleverly worded to make you see yourself as having a big team below you from which you make tons of money. But what about the people at the bottom being charged for Monitium and then being immediately asked to join several companies at the same time? And guess where you are when YOU join?
And if you join now, during the prelaunch to get your “top spot” you’ll be paying them every month (for tracking and training) with no income because your team hasn’t joined any MLM companies yet.
Besides, you really do not “own” your team. Each person makes their own choice about which of the approved MLM companies they will join. And if you build a loyal team in any MLM company, by mentoring them and helping them succeed, most of them will follow you to new opportunities without a middle man. The ones who won’t, probably wouldn’t join all of the suggested companies under the Monitium umbrella either.
One more thing about the team – if you are already in a company you like, and Monitium approves them, you would have to give up your current position and rejoin in the Monitium team structure unless your company allows multiple positions on different teams.
Another thing that bothers me is how the companies get approved. It actually sounds like a mob protection scheme! They even say in their presentation that companies who don’t choose to join should be afraid for their future. If there is a fee to be paid by the company for participation, where does that money come from? (hint: your commission checks!)
And the bottom line is, they don’t think you are smart enough to decide for yourself which companies are solid and worth joining. So they are going to decide for you which companies you and your team should join. Let me ask you, when you took a position with a traditional business did you let someone else make that decision for you?

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