Does Your Business Close For the Holiday Season

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Does Your Business Close For the Holiday Season

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OK, Thanksgiving is over and that officially kicks off the holiday season in the USA.  All around the world various holidays are celebrated from now until New Years Day.
My friend and mentor Mark Januszewski recently wrote in his blog about a big network marketing secret!  During the rest of the year, the prospects who need but don’t want your opportunity have a variety of excuses: building a new deck, going on vacation, recovering from vacation, installing new landscaping, yadayada…while in December they all use the same excuse: call me after the holidays!
As Mark points out, the inexperienced network marketer begins to believe that nobody will talk to them until January so they might as well close up shop and just enjoy the holidays.  Over 90% of MLMers quit during December!
If you owned a gas station, and there were 4 other gas stations in your town, and all 4 decided to close for December…what opportunity would that present for you? Think about it!
This is a stressful time of year for people who aren’t satisfied with their income.  They can’t buy the gifts they want to buy and they face their families over the holidays…they are rushing all around and running out of time…if you want to motivate someone to view your opportunity, just ask them if they want next December to feel the same as this December!
There are two types of people in December:
Those who are ready and willing to form a plan and take action
Those who make resolutions to take action in January
Just ask people which category they belong in?
The other thing is, the people who are willing to view your opportunity during this time of year are some of the most serious business builders in Harrogate you will ever find.  Mark has found some of his very best leaders at this time of year.
And speaking of Leaders, what do you think your team will do if you close up shop right now?  Yeah, you know they’ll do the same!  And then it’s like pulling teeth to get the whole team rolling again in January.
Why not use December to get your team to write down their goals for next year?  Then get them started on reaching those goals by making calls with them and teaching them skills.  They’ll gain confidence and hit the ground running in January with some new team members to coach and momentum to continue their own efforts at building.

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