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E-Commerce or electronic commerce is the buying or the selling of goods and services on the internet, here we are talking about the World Wide Web. Actually this is a new term that has been introduced in this industry just past few years and sometimes it has been interchanged with the term E- business or even E-tailing.

This term e commerce can be divided and categorized into different transactions and classifications that can be divided according to events. For e.g. e-tailing on the website or the web pages sometimes can be gathered into the virtual mall. It’s also the gathering and the accumulation of information for the demographic data through the web contacts.

E commerce is also known as the electronic use of data interchange and the business to business interchange and the exchange of data. And as said previously that it is known as the business of buying and selling the products on the internet.

It was widely organized and rearranged in the year 2000 because of the interactive use and nature of the internet, which seemed to gain never ending popularity ever since it was introduced or invented. And it was because of the nature of the internet that corporates and firms could get, collect and disseminate all the information about the profiles of several clients and customers all over.

It was Microsoft that updated its policy of data collection and named it as profiling and proposed the standards and the regulations that would allow internet users all over to decide and discrete as to what was important and what was not.

It was because of e commerce that different corporates and companies were able to sell products and services to different clients, customers and consumers all over the world. They also started providing 24×7 services because of the e commerce that made this kind of service possible.
The EDI also known as the electronic data interchange also became possible due to the e commerce, and it does owe its existence to e commerce. In actual e commerce is the exchange of business data and it predates the present internet.

It also involves the exchange of data and information among different parties for business transaction and other commercial arrangements. And not only that, the EDI is supposed to be updated and improvise so that it can be replaced into different versions of XML and EBXML versions.

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