Five virtues of user interface design

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Five virtues of user interface design

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UI design is by no means easy, but it is incredibly fun. You get to use your imagination to create new or improve upon pre-existing site and app user interfaces. However, being a UI designer does come with a few governing virtues that all designers should follow to produce great interfaces. The 5 virtues that all UI designers should live by include:

You are not designing a site to look flashy and show off your mad skills; you are designing a site to enhance the lives of your users. For each design you create you must always keep your users in mind. Not everyone is a developer, and forgetting about your audience can cause you to create a site or application that is beyond their reach.

There is a reason why most sites and apps follow a specific pattern – it is because it is what users are used to. Creating a completely new site design with common features in new areas will only confuse your users and deter them from coming back to your site. Unfortunately, people like to stick to their usual patterns. If you change it up too much on them, they will find it jarring and uncomfortable.

When you walk onto a StorageMart site, there is nothing fancy about it. It offers nice, clean storage units that are easy to use and self-explanatory. Your UI designs should be the same way. The more things you add to a site or app, the more difficult it becomes to use or follow. In design, simple and straightforward is always better.

Your site or application should always empower your user. Never dumb something down so much that your user feels as though they are being mocked. You want them to be able to use your design in a way that will enhance their lives, without feeling dumb for having to use it. Make sure you create a site or application that reinforces that.

Ver-what? Exactly. If you want to provide a design that is understandable and easy to use, then you need to use language that is conversational and easy to follow. Just because you have a great vocabulary doesn’t mean you need to use huge words all the time. Use words that are common to the way your audience speaks.

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