Happy 2010

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Happy 2010

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There’s something about a new year that rings joy in the heart. Maybe its the opportunities we anticipate in coming months as we clink glasses. A new beginning where anything is possible. New optimism that lights the path.
Eager anticipation of better things ahead is one thing. Making them happen is another. One way to jumpstart your success is to create a one-page plan that crystallizes what you want for yourself. Clarity, focus, will, support and a written plan are 5 ingredients to making things happen.

One page is all it takes. Just like any business plan, start with a bold vision. Be honest with yourself. What is it you really want in 2010? Give it heart to make it come alive. Then state your bravado. What do you stand for? Be bold. Be genius.

Follow through with your Annual Objectives. What are you aiming to achieve? The end result. 3-5 maximum. Any more and you might find yourself become scattered and living in overwhelm. Don’t be disconcerted. Once you attain your goals, you can set new ones.

Then follow through with well documented Strategies (how your going to attain your objectives) and your weekly or daily, Actions. Remember the law of attraction includes the word “action”. No movement, no gain.
Remember life happens in moments. So does achievement. Success is NOT by accident!
Wishing you a joyous, abundant, peaceful, healthy, spectacular .. fireworks! kind of 2010.

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