How Could Positive Psychology Help You?

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How Could Positive Psychology Help You?

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I think positive psychology helps one as an individual by helping them to realize that there’s nothing wrong with them; that they have strengths and those strengths can be built upon to make a richer and fuller life.  Some of the exercises we use to help you learn about those strengths and learn how to make an authentically happily lived life would be exercises like the blessings exercise with consult psychologist perth wa.

Each night before you go to sleep, write down 3 things that you think were so valuable and you feel blessed to have had during that day.  That alone gives you a whole new perspective on your life.

Another example of a positive psychology exercise is the gratitude letter.  Imagine someone who has helped you at sometime earlier in your life but you didn’t really have a chance to thank them fully.  Sit down and write a one-page letter to them, thanking them and expressing your gratitude for what they did to move your life, to make your life a bit better.  Write that one page letter, study it, feel it, and then in a week or two, phone that person up and say, “I want to visit you just to connect because I  haven’t seen you for a while.”  Then you go and visit them and say, “I’ve been working on my positive psychology and I’ve been trying to be happier and trying to figure out what the enrichments of my life are.  Are you interested in what I’m doing?”  Of course they will be, because they’re someone who has loved you and has cared for you.  “I remember when long ago you helped me and I wrote this letter to you and I want to read this letter to you right now, here.” I have not heard of a time where it hasn’t absolutely transformed the space and the two people. That’s the gratitude letter and that’s the power of positive living and positive psychology, which is as good as psychotherapy for depression.

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