Introducing you to the new Circlebox Blog Redesign!

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Introducing you to the new Circlebox Blog Redesign!

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As many of you know, Circlebox Blog, since birth, has been using a premium theme. Although it was a great theme, with the blogs recent success it was time to put some time aside to design my own theme and raise some money to get it coded up. So lets call this post an introduction to it!

The new theme, as you should be seeing on your screen as you read this (unless of course you’re in a feedreader, in which case get your ass over here!), is modern, clean and quite minimalistic. I wanted it to be stylish, but at the same time I want you to be able concentrate and appreciate the content the blog has to offer instead of just it’s theme.

So… what’s new?
Improved Headings
We have much improved headings; orange ones, green ones, gray ones, italic ones, bold ones… you name it! These will be put to good use to help organize different types of posts such as round-ups and tutorials, all-in-all meaning they’ll be much easier to navigate and skim through.

Guest Authors
Within the past few months I’ve experimented with guest authors; some good and some bad. I’d like to experiment some more. With the new Circlebox Blog theme, I’ve added an authors page, meaning every author with 5 posts or more will get a permanent spot on our authors page. Each author will have an ‘about’ page with some information about themselves, a link to their website and Twitter account and a list of articles that they have previously published on the blog.

For the time-being, posts will be contribute-only and I’ll be manually accepting and publishing posts, but maybe sometime in the future, when things pick up a little more, I’ll be able to offer a competitive rate and authors may be able to access the admin interface using their own log-in details. More to come on this in the next few months!

Twitter Links
Twitter is huge, especially within the online design community. Because of this I have added the option to include your twitter username (i.e. “callumchapman”) in comments, meaning people will be able to directly visit your Twitter account as well as your website every time you leave a comment.

A Footer!
A footer is something the previous theme didn’t have; but now we have one! I won’t be using the footer too much, but have decided to include a ‘top posts’ and ‘flickr feed’ section, which I’m sure will come in handy for new readers of the blogs, or for people who just want to know what the top posts are.

A Flickr Group
A Flickr Group is something I have been meaning to do for a while now, so I though I may as well introduce it with the new theme. Nothing too special, but it allows users to upload their work to the group and possibly have it seen by thousands of people! Another possibility, if the Flickr Group really takes off, is to have a monthly collection of the best user submissions every month – so join the group and get uploading! You’ll find the Flickr Group link in the top right.

Advertisement Spots
We have new advertisement spots which I hope to get filled some point soon. We have a range of ad spots to our right in the sidebar, and a banner on top of every post page. We also loads of icon ads at the bottom of the page (in the footer) for those that want a cheap method of advertisement. I’ll also be accepting link advertisements, see the advertise page for that!

And that, ladies and gents, is pretty much it!
Please bare with me over the next few days as everything is finalized – as always, there may be a thing or two that might need changing. If you spot anything that doesn’t seem right, please let me know!

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