MLM Bench Warmers: What Prevents Duplication

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MLM Bench Warmers: What Prevents Duplication

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They refuse to take your calls
– They keep telling you what is going on that prevents them from working the business
– They complain about the products or the company (or you!) instead of working
– They tell you they don’t know how to get started
– They tell you they are uncomfortable with what you are suggesting they do
These people actually fall into three groups. They are:
– People who never really wanted to join in the first place
– People who have fears, lack self-confidence, and live in negative emotions
– People who can’t do what you do, based on their personality
The first group shouldn’t even be in your business. Go back to your prospecting techniques and figure out how you got them to join. Did you drag them over the finish line? Did you push or convince? If so, you were wasting your time (and theirs!) and likely ruined a good relationship. STOP IT!
The second group needs self development. Everyone does, really. We should all be constantly improving ourselves. But this group in particular needs to gain self-confidence, get rid of fears and negative emotions, and learn to live in positive emotions and in the present (but with big dreams for the future!) They need to uncover their burning desire, develop the faith that it can be obtained, and get into action!
The third group needs to understand their personality type, and so do you! You cannot effectively mentor someone if you do not understand this! Some types (together being 70% of the population) need to find targeted leads (they don’t deal with rejection well) and build relationships. They can’t “close” people so don’t waste your time teaching them how to. For others (the other 30%) this method will seem way too slow as they could sponsor a doughnut if they wanted! Their only issue, though, is that they end up with lots of bench warmers! Why? Because they close the wrong people (ending up with the first group) and they teach everyone they mentor to approach anyone (including friends and family), cold call, buy leads, and close the deal! Some may be able to do this, but only those with the personality that fits this method will succeed.
If you want a truly successful long-term business, do NOT ignore your bench warmers and just keep replacing them by sponsoring more. You’ll never retire! Take the time to figure out which category they fall into and what their personality type is. Then you can mentor them effectively, if they do indeed have the burning desire to succeed.
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