MLM Improvement – Stopping Time Wasters

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MLM Improvement – Stopping Time Wasters

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I have a good one for you. My company provides leads for us and they load them into an autoresponder campaign. When someone clicks on a link inside an email, we are notified. I called one such person today. He denied opting in from an ad, denied reading any of the emails, and denied clicking any links for my product. He said “someone must have set me up.” Impossible? No. Unlikely? You bet!!
We all have the same 24 hours in a day. None of us can buy more time! So why waste time on people who aren’t serious?
In my previous post, I spoke about uncovering pain. People you speak to fall into 3 categories: suspects, possibilities, and prospects. Any person you talk to is a “suspect”. They become a “possibility” when they agree to view your presentation. But in the absence of any real pain, they are likely to find an excuse not to look, or not to be present for a follow-up appointment. So they’re not a real “prospect.”
People who feign interest when they have no pain to fix (or aren’t willing to spend the time and money to fix it), are, well….lying to you! Afraid to hurt your feelings? Maybe. More likely they don’t want to say “no” because far too many people don’t know how to gracefully accept a “no” and just keep hammering! I have encountered MANY such people myself and they are annoying! So, people lie to avoid the hammering.
You need to take a different approach to stop them from lying. You will learn many useful network marketing skills in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA) course if you decide to take it in the future!
You need to ask questions to uncover pain. Then you need to ask if they are comfortable saying “no” if there is no fit between their needs and what you offer. Let them know that you will gracefully accept a “no” and move on! This takes away SO MUCH PRESSURE! And then…you put a little pressure back in! You ask what will happen if you can demonstrate a fit…will they be comfortable saying “yes?” Ask them to write down their decision-making process so you can go over it with them during the follow-up. And button them down on keeping that follow-up appointment!
Give them an “out” by showing that you are not one of those obnoxious people who can’t accept “no” for an answer. But also ask them to respect your time by moving forward if they know you can help them. If they still get wishy-washy, wish them luck and MOVE ON.
My friend Kathy Zimmer has written more leadership tips on this skill set. Learn and practice the sifting and sorting skills and only spend your time with the serious contenders!

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