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1. Some people feel the need to appear very smart (EGO) so they answer every question themselves. After a corporate life where I was always trying to prove myself to get raises and bonuses, I must confess I was doing this at first in MLM too. Now I understand that as a leader in MLM you need to develop your people so they can become self-sufficient. That means you become a professional “pointer” and show them where to find the answers. They will in turn teach this to the people they sponsor (duplication.) Teach people to fish, rather than handing them the fish!
2. I was thinking (after the olympics) about athletes wanting to set new records. They want to be the best, to prove to themselves and the world what can be done. That is fine in sports. If you are trying to be an MLM leader though, it’s not such a great idea. If you are a heavy hitter or sponsor monster you simply set the bar too high for 90% of your downline to duplicate. They will get frustrated and quit. You need to develop your people, and if you are working with more than 10 at a time you are probably spread too thin. So if you directly sponsor people very fast I hope you are placing some of them under someone else with leadership potential and asking them to work with those people. Michael Dlouhy, author of “Success In 10 Steps” currently has a goal to help 10 people in his downline to exceed his income (which will be incredible!) Now THAT is leadership! No EGO!
3. When you sponsor and move on without building relationships, two things happen. First, your people are not loyal to you and will jump ship at the next “great” opportunity. Second, you can’t really help them magnify their strengths and minimize or improve their weaknesses. This takes work, which is why I suggested above you not work with too many people at once. I was recently “advised” by someoone that I should never target people already in MLM because they will just quit eventually and take everyone with them. Well, I am not targeting heavy hitters, I am targeting the people who believe in MLM but have been abandoned by those heavy hitters! If this guy has people jumping ship, it is because he is sponsoring the wrong people, and/or too fast, in order to make a quick buck. He is not bothering to build relationships and help his people, which builds trust and loyalty. He may make more money than me in the short run, but how could you ever retire with confidence that you have real residual income when you are constantly afraid your people will leave? In his scenario, even if he brings in people with no experience don’t they eventually get experience and become those people who readily jump ship? Actually, no, because he never develops them! So he has to keep sponsoring more to make money. Either way he never retires with residual income, right?
4. This point may be obvious, but you cannot expect people to do what you are not willing to do yourself. If you want them to be on calls, you need to be on them too or at least listen to the replays. If you want them to go to the convention, you need to go too. If you want them to become leaders and develop their people, you must have set that example with them first. I had an upline forget about a 3-way call we had scheduled once. What example did he set?
I hope this gives you some ideas to work with. The Mentoring For Free system definitely develops leaders! If you would like to learn more, please click to the left to download “Success In 10 Steps” and I will be honored to work with you and serve you! That’s what true leaders do, you know, they serve others without an EGO in the way!

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