MLM Prospecting: Let Go Of Your Agenda

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MLM Prospecting: Let Go Of Your Agenda

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I’ve discussed in previous posts that you need a strong burning desire and a compelling “Why” to succeed in MLM. However, these must not be apparent to your prospects! If they sense and agenda, it will set off their internal “salesman alarm.”
When you speak with a prospect, your focus must be totally on THEM. They need to feel that you care about their needs and desires. It must be about THEIR WHY, not yours! Remember that people will join your team when they know, like, and trust you. So you must focus your conversation totally on them, find out why they are in MLM and what their struggles are, and offer help. It is extremely useful if you first understand the different personality types described in the “Success In 10 Steps” ebook, since this will help you identify your prospect’s personality type and with it, their primary motivating factors. This will make it easier to uncover their “why” and help them feel like you know them well, in very little time!
It is crucial that you not come across as being desperate to sign-up the person, and that you not use their “why” to back them into a corner and close them! This is exactly what many so-called “experts” in MLM training will tell you to do. But it will backfire every time. If the prospect doesn’t respect and trust you, and if they did not decide on their own that your opportunity was right for them, then they either won’t produce or they won’t stay.
So, how does one harness that burning desire into a caring attitude, with no agenda? It takes practice! A few minutes of quiet meditation before calling someone helps. You remove all thoughts from your mind, and fill your mind with an affirmation such as “I want to help this person overcome all obstacles to their success.” As you work with someone, you may discover the biggest obstacle is that their “why” isn’t strong enough to motivate them. Or their desire is quite strong, they just lack skills and don’t know what to do next. Whatever their obstacle, with the right complete training and mentoring system, you can help them (and yourself!) succeed.
I’ve tried several training systems and affiliate programs, and never had any degree of success until I read “Success In 10 Steps” and got involved with Michael Dlouhy’s Mentoring For Free program. If you would like to save yourself some failure and frustration (and possibly also lots of money!) and get your business moving in the right direction, I invite you to click the button on the left to download the ebook and get started today! We can help you learn to drop your agenda and harness your burning desire and your “why” into lifelong success!

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