MLM Sponsoring – What Activity Actually Builds Your Business

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MLM Sponsoring – What Activity Actually Builds Your Business

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If you have an MLM business, you want to build it, right?
Most people in MLM spend lots of time listening to training calls and “building the list” or “filling the funnel.” While that is necessary, there is only one thing that REALLY builds your business:
TALKING to people, LIVE! Whether on the phone or in person, it’s the personal interaction that builds know-like-trust and THAT is what gets people to join you!
I don’t care how FULL your funnel is – if you are sitting around waiting for THEM TO CALL YOU, you’ll be waiting a LONG TIME! And although email “drip” campaigns are helpful, they are not a substitute for live interaction.
Even personal emails are not a substitute for talking to people live.
A new activity I have started is doing my “OATS” for the coming week. This is basically my schedule for the week, but OATS stands for:
Set your main goal for the week first (objective) and I suggest that objective includes or revolves around how many new contacts you need to make LIVE. Then figure out how you will find these people and how you will contact them LIVE (activities), how much time it will take to complete your activities (time), and when you will do them (schedule.)
Of course you will need time for administrative tasks as well as mentoring your people and getting your own training/mentoring for yourself. Schedule all of that. And don’t forget to eat, sleep, exercise, shower (LOL.) But just keep in mind, your team follows your lead. If you stop contacting new people after you sign up a few, your downline will do the same and the growth of your team will be slower. So keep scheduling time for live contacts until your team is truly growing itself. Lead by example!
A good suggestion is to have everyone on your team send their OATS for next week to you by Friday. This allows you to help them plan their week as well as keeping them accountable. It is another way to know who is really serious about working their business, and who needs your help the most.

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