Provisional Draft Divisions

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Provisional Draft Divisions

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It is important that everyone understands Thai Boxing Otago is not a sanctioning body or a committee or executive. It is simply a medium to promote Thai Boxing and modified Thai Boxing competition in Otago. There has already been confusion in regards to Thai Boxing Otago being an official sanctioning body and in regards to competitors only competiting in Thai Boxing Otago promotions. This is totally incorrect and defies the logic of getting competitors as much competition as possible in their chosen code on as many promotions as possible. The establishment of this Thai Boxing Otago is for any club interested in utilising the facilities and services Thai Boxing Otago provides to conduct Thai Boxing competition. The only purpose of this website is to post any clubs details and information in regards to promotions, boxing training sydney, competitors and officials. Thai Boxing Otago provides this service freely and also has negotiated with Sammy’s Venue and the Todd Group to ensure a venue and ring is available at no cost for clubs to conduct Thai Boxing competition. Although many South Island Thai Boxing enthusiasts already know of the pending competitions for 2011 we have not yet compiled an email list and individually contacted clubs, coaches, and competitors. We have however asked for anyone interested on being on such a mailing list to forward us their email contact To ensure promotions dates do not clash in Otago, Thai Boxing Otago website will be another good way of checking dates. Clubs in other codes such as wrestling, grappling, MMA, boxing, and kickboxing are welcome to post promotional information in regards to their promotions on this website. South Island clubs wanting to take advantage of conducting a promotion in Dunedin using our arranged venue and ring etc are welcome. The extremely exciting and positive aspect of this new service is that clubs can conduct promotions at very little cost in a primary venue and achieve returns not losses. This offer is for the promotion of Thai and modified Thai Boxing as this is the purpose of Thai Boxing Otago. We encourage all clubs and competitors to compete on all promotions they can get matches on and this is just another means for Thai Boxers to get competition. Some of the reasons for the establishment of Thai Boxing Otago have been the lack of promotions in a ring, over a cage, and with Thai rules. There are a good number of Thai Boxing practitioners in Otago and the South Island that simply get very little competition. The cage is excellent for MMA but for true Thai Boxing is not ideal and takes away the ability for Thai practitioners to utilise the ropes and increases risk when kicking close to, or against, the chain link. Anyone who has been to Thailand and seen the excitement that Muay Thai is when conducted under Thai rules and in ring will certainly appreciate the importance of conducting Thai Boxing in the manner it has been established and developed. Obviously, initially care will need to be taken with ensuring suitably competent officials are available in relation to officiating under Thai and modified Thai rules.

With the aim of Thai Boxing to push the expansion of Thai Boxing in Dunedin and Otago the following rule set is being considered as a guideline. Similar rules are being implemented in the North Island, particularly Wellington with its strong Thai-style background. If we want to keep up with the rest of the country (and world) we have to take a similar path. Australia (particularly Queensland) have been fighting full Thai rules for over a decade… possibly two.

Novice fights: 3x2min rounds, 1 min rest 16 ounce gloves, shin and instep guards, clinch but no knees or elbows to the head. The bout always ends in a draw but should both parties wish the fight to be scored it can. Novice fights do not affect record however. Maximum number of novice fights allowed is two.

C Class fights: 3x2mins, 1min rest, 10 ounce gloves, clinch but no knees or elbows to the head. No shin and instep guards, bouts are scored. The first 5 fights after novice will be C class.

B Class fights: 3x3mins or 5x2mins, 1 min rest, 10 ounce gloves, clinch with knees to the head but no elbows. No shin and instep guards, bouts are scored. In progressing with heading towards full Thai rules, fights once a competitor has had 5 C class fights they will move to B class and fight with knees to the head. B class fighters can have a maximum of 10 fights (in B class) before moving onto A class.

A Class fights: 3x3mins or 5x2mins, 1 min rest. 10 ounce gloves, clinch with knees and elbows to the head. Full Thai rules. Fighters can stay at A class as long as they wish.

Pro Class fights: 5x3mins, 2mins rest. exactly the same as Thailand. Paid bouts.

Again this is just a rough guideline as match ups are entirely based on the individual. Where one competitor may fall into a different class than his opposition (ie one fighter classes as C class with 5 fights, and the other as B class with 6 fights) then the two competitors and coachs must agree upon what rules they will use and abide by these.

Individual backgrounds are considered when matching, for example a fighter maybe having his 2nd C class fight, yet has already had 10 MMA fights, or 5 boxing fights, or be a 4th Dan at Karate/Taekwondo etc. such things will be taken into consideration during match making.

We could consider formulating a simple fight record book that the promoter could sign off with the results and that fighters would need to present at tournaments.

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