Singing Competitions

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Singing Competitions

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There are singing competitions all over the country now, where young singers can compete for cash prizes, and the chance of fame and fortune. American Idol is the best known of these singing competitions, but there are many others as well. There is one in Las Vegas with a $50,000 cash prize just for winning the singing contest. Besides that, there is European Idol, which is sweeping much of the rest of the world with its unprecedented popularity.

My friends and I all love to sing, but we basically completely ignore these singing competitions. I don’t even think the singing is particularly good. It is all bad pop music, saccharine sweet and completely without soul. We have our own singing competitions, and although no one ever gets 50 grand for winning them, I think that they are a lot more fun anyway.

Sometimes, after several rounds of drinks, we will pick a song and compete, doing different renditions of it.

Whoever can sink it in the loudest, grittiest, most raucous and audacious intonation automatically wins, and everyone has to buy him or her a drink. By the next round of that contest, the winner of the previous one has a clear advantage, and usually whoever wins the first one wins all night, or until he passes out.

Because we are classically trained vocalists, our singing competitions are not always quite so ridiculous.

Sometimes we form duos, trios, or quartets among ourselves, and entertain our other non-singing friends at parties.

They have to vote on which piece is best, or perhaps we informally decide among ourselves.

Additionally, because we are all in professional choirs, sometimes we go to attend real singing competitions.

Although they receive little attention, and many professionals shun them, nonetheless there are in fact singing competitions where choirs from all over the state compete for a prize and the recognition of their peers. The best thing about these singing competitions isn’t actually the trying to win (although the winning is nice). It’s the festive atmosphere of the whole thing. It is wonderful to spend all day just singing some classics with some of the best singers in the country, singing our pieces and listening to them singing theirs. These singing competitions are always the highlights of the seasons, because it is such an opportunity to be around other great artists, hear what they are doing, and pick up new ideas.

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