The Benefits of Clean Windows

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The Benefits of Clean Windows

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slidewindowsClean windows do a lot more than just look good, they allow more sunlight to enter your home, add appeal to it thereby adding value. In fact, glass which is left unclean can get etched from hard water from building run offs, acid rain and sea spray, as well as by other elements; if the windowsare left unclean for a long time, they may even require costly replacement. Besides, having unclean windows is also unhygienic; molds can easily occur on them which can lead to skin rashes, nasal and sinus irritation and watery/reddened eyes.

 Glass As You Never Knew It

Despite how it may look and feel, glass is actually a porous substance; if you were to look at a cross section of a piece of glass under a microscope you will see various peaks and valleys on it. Because of its porous nature, it is vulnerable to depositions which are created by running water and other environmental factors. Hard water or water which is saturated with chemicals such as wood stains, paint, concrete sealant and acids is the biggest threat that most home windows face. As hard water flows over a sheet of glass on a window pane, it can deposit the chemicals which it carries on to the pores of the glass thereby staining it.

Angie’s list which is a prominent aggregate of consumer reviews in the United States consulted window cleaning professionals on the matter. Their recommendation was that people should clean all the windows in their home/office/business compound at least twice every year. This number can be higher if you are living on a busy street or near salt water sources as this can seriously damage glass over time. 

It is also recommended that you use a professional window cleaner to get the job done as they are equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to get the job done. This is also important as most home owners are unaware of the fact that window panes often use different kinds of glasses, which may require different cleaning agents. Use the wrong cleaning agent and you can even end up damaging the glass permanently.

Clean Windows Add To Curb Appeal

If you have ever driven past a home or an office with a whole lot of dirty windows then you already know how it can wreck havoc on first impressions. The curb appeal of a home or the general attractiveness of a piece of property from the sidewalk is a very important aspect of real estate. You can easily up your home or office building’s value simply by maintaining a clean set of windows, on the other hand, leave them unclean and many a prospective buyer will walk straight by.

Clean Windows and Feng Shui 

Having clean windows is not something new, in fact Feng Shui which is an ancient Chinese system of geomancy, is centered on the atmosphere within the home remaining bright with sunlight so that good energy or qi can be absorbed by its residents. In Feng Shui, if sickness is present in a house, then it must be cleansed with positive fresh energy from the environment.

While this may sound like spiritual make believe to some, remember having abundant sunlight inside a home is something all doctors and physicians recommend. A stale atmosphere inside a house is known cause for a plethora of diseases and having unclean windows can lend you to the illusion that ample sunlight is making its way inside your home when in fact it is not. 

Cleaning Keeps Your Windows Strong

Windows are after all a defender of sorts; fending off pollutants and unwanted elements from the sanctity of your home. Thus they need to be strengthened from time to time. When your windows are clean they are able to withstand the effects of hard/acid rain and decay. This in turn prolongs their life which means you will not have to replace them often, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

 Consider Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company

While cleaning for the most part is easy and can be done with some soap, water and a window squeegee, it is also pretty tedious and can even become dangerous if you are living in a high rise, or a building with more than 2 stories. Professional Auckland cleaners are equipped the proper tools such as ladders, squeegees and extension poles and are trained to complete a cleaning task fast, efficiently and with better results. When you are selecting a cleaning company be sure to check for insurance and references. Also remember that most cleaning companies see spring and autumn as boom periods, so you can schedule your cleaning project during off season times to get a better price.

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