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The MLM Ostrich

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When it comes to your MLM company, did you do any research? Do you pay attention and view everything that happens with a critical eye? Do you FACE the facts?
Most people join a company because they know/like/trust their sponsor, and/or they had a great experience with the products. The truth is, there is at least one nice person you could learn to trust in every company. And nearly all MLM companies have really great products (if not they won’t last!) Neither guarantees your SUCCESS!
If you want your MLM opportunity to be a business that pays you for life, what you really need to do is research the company and continue to pay attention to what goes on. And you need to view everything through a critical eye. I have been amazed recently at how blind some people can be, and the fact that they actually WANT to stay that way!
First, I was working with a person and I encouraged him to read his company’s policies and procedures (as I always do.) He said he felt like I was just trying to make him unhappy with where he is. My response? The truth only hurts if it should! If you own a car, and there is a recall because the gas pedal sticks sometimes, would you want to know about that BEFORE you get in an accident? I wanted him to see that his company can terminate him at any time for any reason they decide to invent, because they decide in their “sole discretion” what is ethical behavior and what is not. I am sure he would say, “they would never do that.” And yet, it has happened to people! Why else would the clause be in there, if they don’t need it as a safety net? I also wanted him to see that he has “ongoing” responsibilities that will prevent him from being able to retire. But incredibly, he doesn’t want to know. He wants to keep his head in the sand!
Second, there are a whole bunch of people not only remaining loyal to, but continuing to try and build a team with a company that has filed bankruptcy. This company was telling their distributors that they were debt-free when in fact, they have something like $800 million in debt. They LIED to their people. And they encouraged the reps to use this lie when talking to prospects! Now the company is trying to put a positive spin on the restructuring, saying how great things will be in the future, and these people actually believe them! It is scary, incredible, and sad. In addition, there are tons of this company’s products listed on ebay at less than the wholesale price, which indicates the products are overpriced and distributors can’t sell them. With all of the opportunities out there, who in their right mind would EVER join this company? Yet these distributors choose to keep their heads in the sand and keep trying to get people to sign up!
If you were buying a car, or a house, or even a washing machine I bet you would do some research. If you were hiking on a mountain and suddenly saw smoke coming out the top, I bet you would run!
I prefer to be the giraffe, looking out over everything and knowing what’s going on. How about you? If you want to be the giraffe in MLM, I suggest you download and read the free ebook “Success In 10 Steps” from the button on the left. Learn the TRUTH before you get burned!

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