The Tools For Silicon Wafer Dicing

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The Tools For Silicon Wafer Dicing

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Before getting into the different details related to silicon wafer dicing, it is important to understand what wafer dicing is and the methods used to do so. Though the tools australia and the methods differ very slightly, both are widely related to the semiconductor industry. In a nutshell, wafer dicing is all about the separation of a die from a semiconducting wafer. The most common methods used to achieve such results are mechanical sawing, scribing and breaking and the best technique, laser cutting. The end result is to produce different sizes and shapes of semiconductor or silicon chips in this case.

The tool which is used for silicon dicing is known as the dicing blades. The most popular and widely used blade for cutting silicon is the Hubbed Nickel Bonded Blades. One thing that should definitely be mentioned here is; neither wafer dicing not cutting silicon chips is in anyway easy. These methods need precision and proper technique in order to get the proper results. Several industries invest thousands of dollars for getting the best service providers of this business. Wafer dicing is not only expensive but time consuming too. That is also the reason why laser cutting is increasingly becoming popular in the dicing industry.

Coming back to silicon dicing, the most commonly used blade is useful for cutting not only Silicon, but III-V materials as well. The blade used is sharp and extremely thin. The creation of the blade in itself is a long-winded and important technique which requires a good amount of accuracy and precision. A special electro depositing method is used for the creation. The process involves holding the cutting diamonds in a matrix of nickel alloy. This exotic process is no doubt expensive and yet very correct. Apart from these, other blades which might or might not help in the silicon wafer dicing process include Hubbed Resin Bonded Blades and the Metal Sintered Dicing Blades.

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