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Web Application

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First of all, one needs to know about a web page or a website so as to understand the meaning and the nature of the web application. Usually the web site is the opening page of that is blank and plain as soon as we click the internet button or press the enter key on the keyboard after moving the cursor on the internet or the web symbol.
There might be some variation of the symbols and other such forms, for e.g. the word and the symbol web is used in some countries while the term internet is used in some countries.

So there are two different types or kinds of web sites or web pages, that which are quiet similar and identical to the usual magazines or subscriptions that we read and they come with all the information and the detail that we need, as per our requirements and needs.

The first in its kind of web page that give us all the information can be compared to those magazines such as the NY Times or the Newsweek and even some other weblogs and web pages such as the Encyclopedia Britannia and online web dictionary.

And the second web page or the website is which behave or have the nature and the characteristics like softwares and we use them for doing stuff like sending mails or blogs. There are different such e.g. such as the yahoo mail or the hotmail or Register.com and so on. We usually use these WebPages because when need to message someone, or we need to send mails or even chat with our near and dear ones. These are usually web application that run and act like software tools and utilities which are supported by a different server and web interface such as the MSIE and the Netscape.

The people or the individuals that create these kinds of web application softwares are known as programmers or user interface designers and experts. These are those people who have mastered the art of web designing and web application. These are those web magicians that create and draft all those pictures, images and graphics in all these web pages or websites.

There are many software experts and professionals that have opted that web applications are far better and quicker than their desktop counter parts. This is because they are very portable and user friendly and with the introduction of the palm top and the laptop they can be accessed and operated any where even while you are travelling or relaxing in the spa.

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