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Website Redesign

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Along with developing new websites, website redesigning is also gaining in popularity. Websites are redesigned because of various reasons. The most important of them is to prevent the site look old and out of date.

To keep the website look attractive constant improvement is required to keep it at par with other similar websites.

When a website is taken up for redesign, we should always keep the needs and perceptions of the visitors to site in our consideration. Such a redesign should make the site more informative and more attractive visually so that the site should attract more attention of visitors. A few tips are given here to make the website redesigning process to be more effective.

Everybody should understand that to keep any website effective and purposeful, it is very important that the website is updated and redesigned after a regular time period. Before starting the process of website design, its aim should be clear to the website designer.

To achieve the best result of website redesign, evaluation of the existing website is very important. Such evaluation would point out the success and failures of the existing website. While taking up the redesigning, it should be tried to overcome the failures as far as possible.

It goes without saying that such redesign should be original in nature and quite creative. The idea should be to make the website look different and should appear something special so that it stands out amongst other websites.
Before starting the redesigning process, the goals of the entire exercise have to be fixed and the entire process should try to fulfill these goals.

Before starting the redesigning process, there should be some knowledge regarding the site. Website data and user feedback should be analyzed to find out the needs and expectations of a visitor of such a site. This knowledge could be obtained by using online surveys, focus group discussions, interviews etc.

To improve the website, a survey of a number other similar websites of your competitors should be undertaken. Studying the websites of your competitors very carefully could easily do this. You should pay special attention on the way these sites have been designed. You should also try to understand the technological and communication concepts used in such design.

While carrying out redesigning the site, it is very important that necessary standards of website design is maintained so that it could meet the expectation of a visitor of the site.

Following these tips would help you enormously to be successful in your endeavor of website redesign.

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